Pint Shop, Birmingham

Just when you thought Birmingham couldn’t squeeze in another top notch venue, low and behold the eagerly awaited Pint Shop opens on Bennett’s Hill this month.

With sites in Cambridge and Oxford it was good news for us that they have headed a little further north to open their new beer house up in Birmingham.

I managed to secure one of the few places available at lunchtime as part of their soft launch. I invited my blogger friend along too and we were both quite excited to be part of this group.

Sadly at the moment there is still scaffolding at the front, but we were told they were trying to restore the face to nearer what it used to be. Nevertheless I was so impressed with the interior. It was such a large space, which I had never expected. Downstairs is the main bar, but there are also various corners you can tuck into for a more personal or relaxed experience.

They even have outdoor space, which is rare in the City Centre.

The main restaurant is upstairs however, but even here the large space is made comfortable by the division of rooms.

We were quite impressed by the large selection of beers on the board too!

We were quickly seated and our friendly waiter provided the menus and talked us though what they were about. My friend and I decide to opt for different dishes to get a better idea of the choices available. We noted the two course deal looked good, but sadly we only had time for the one course.

I opted for the flat iron chicken and chips, with chilli pepper sauce. The chicken was so succulent and the chips were lovely and crisp. I had asked how hot the sauce was and told it was quite mild. This was correct luckily, but I did suggest they maybe should rename it, as to me it was a peppered tomato sauce and had I wanted a chilli kick I think I would have been disappointed.

I was too busy enjoying mine to really notice the grilled aubergine, but it did look great when it was brought out.

I was thoroughly impressed by the venue, the staff and the food based on this lunchtime visit. I can’t wait to head back when they fully open. They even do take out beers, so there’s no excuse not to pop in!

These opinions are my own and I paid for my meal, as did my friend.


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