Silence of the Lambs, movie taste-along

At the delightful Electric cinema they hold regular events, one of these being hosted by the wonderfully talented Conjurers Kitchen. You don’t simply watch a classic or cult movie, but are immersed into a full sensory experience using food and drink at key points to enhance your connection with the film.

I had eased myself in gently with Sleepy Hollow a few months previously, so I knew I was in for a treat (and a little scared) this time with Silence of the Lambs!

The amazingly talented Annabel gives a brief introduction and explanation as to how the night will run. Sometimes you are given a bag of treats and at key points when the film stops, you are asked to dig out a food or drink item related to the paused film frame. Sometimes, as in this case, able assistants, dressed for the part, will hand out the goodies.

Our first offering happened to be what I thought was the most successful, Migg’s tongue. It was made from sponge and actually tasted delicious, but the texture was slimy and it was cold. It was just how it should be! Realistic and quite horrible!

Next we had a ‘triangle of skin’ which again looked a little unpleasant but was a light and tasty marzipan cake!

A slight change for our next surprise, ‘lotion’. We were advised to dab a tiny amount on the back of our hands and not to drink it. This was good advice, as the smell of chocolate and coconut was quite strong.

It’s such fun trying to guess when the next pause in the film will be and what the appropriate ‘treat’ might be.

I loved the gingerbread ‘entrails’ and really wanted more of them.

The film and goodies were over too soon, but we had a parting gift, ‘lipstick’.

The attention to detail and quality is fantastic in everything at these events. The full house and regular guests just shows how much everyone enjoys the night. I highly recommend checking them out, but make sure you save me a seat!;)

This post was not sponsored. I paid for my own ticket.

Conjurers Kitchen


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