Grace + James, Kings Heath

A few weeks ago a friend and I made arrangements to meet for lunch on Sunday. We didn’t really mind where we went, so I suggested Grace+James, as it had just opened, so would be new to both of us. Sunday was a beautiful sunny day, and the benches were all taken outside, but I was happy to be sat in the nice cool restaurant for a while.

Inside reminded me of a smart seaside cafe, with its crisp white flooring and tables. It felt very relaxing and would be very tranquil in the evening with the little tea lights lit. Certainly a summer vibe going on here. Another bonus of course was the wall of wine! I took a while looking through the selection. Some I knew well (and love), but many I didn’t.

I only wanted one glass on this occasion and I really couldn’t decide. There was even an orange wine selection (natural and organic).

We were ordering food, so it made sense to select something to go with that. My friend and I decided to share a meat and a cheese platter with some tomato bread to share. You order at the bar and I asked about the vat of wine behind the counter. This was their House wine and vegan too. It was recommended to me and I was advised it was the best accompaniment to the food. They weren’t wrong. It was smooth and lightly fruity, yet it stood up to the fennel salami and even the Gorgonzola.

The focus of the venue is the wine, but they do serve beer too ( local brewery Burning Soul I believe). However the charcuterie board was easy to plough through and despite my general dislike of goats cheese, I was glad to share the platter with my friend. The quince jelly cubes were a nice touch too.

After the closure of Cherry Reds on York Road, it’s nice to see another small independent open in this vibrant area. It will be interesting to see how it grows and develops.


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